Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Light Up.

So I've been off line for a bit!

Sorry to anyone who has been checking in.

I was musing and muttering to myself and generally mumbling out loud.
Well you know what that gets you?
Strange looks from people who pull their collars up against the winter
chill beaming at them from crazed eyes.
My eyes.
Strangers who cross the street and travel down unfamiliar alleys just to
avoid you and your incoherent babble.

Well that was me and my babble and crazed eyes for a while.

You see life intruded on . . . life. So much so that I decided to give up

Yeargh! Bad decision.

I felt I had nothing to say and nothing to share and nothing meaningful
would ever emerge from that soft fleshy blob in my skull.

But then a miracle happened.

A Road to Damascus Epiphany almost (OK not as important as Pauls but very
important to me).

I took a day off work (the paid kind) and visited my sister who is also a
writer in her heart and we started talking about all manner of things.

Then she said – pay attention now. My wise sister said 'Whenever I hear
someone talking about writing on the radio or TV I light up'

And that was it. Because there in those 3 little words she had summed me
up too.

I light up

When I hear a radio discussion with an author.

When I hear books reviewed.

When my friend rings and says lets get together and do some writing.

I light up.

So folks what do you say? Lets do some writing. It's good for the
writerly soul.

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