Monday, March 12, 2012

Justice for all.

Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge
write a story of 1000 words or less using 10 of the 20 words below.

Beast, brooch, cape, dinosaur, dove, fever, finger, flea, gate, insult,
justice, mattress, moth, paradise, research, scream, seed, sparrow,
tornado, university

'He's dead' Sally slammed the phone back in its cradle.

'Who's dead?' her mother asked.

'That Goddam John Murphy, remember him, he tormented every day for a
month after my tenth birthday. Yes. There is justice after all.'

Sally opened the window and screamed 'justice for all' scattering
some small birds from the yard.

'He's very young to die. Are you sure you want to be celebrating?

'I didn't kill him. I haven't thought him for years so you can't
come over all guilty and say I wished him ill. Something bit his
finger and he got some kind of fever and he died. I'm not surprised
really he's been living rough for years. I always thought he'd be
stabbed'. Sally was rummaging about in her handbag. She pulled out
a large brooch.

'I never knew that' Sally's mother sat down and folded her hands in
her lap. Sally came to sit beside her. 'He wasn't a nice person
Mum, he would wait at the school gate and gather a gang of boys and
they would chant here comes Sally the Sparrow, she eats fleas and
marrow. It was insulting and hurtful and I hated him.'

Her mother didn't say anything just nodded so Sally continued 'I
heard he was sleeping on a mattress somewhere near the research building
at the university. They think he was bitten by a lab rat that
escaped. His body is going to be cremated because they don't know
what he died of. It's going to cause a big rumpus. Professor
Dinosaur is going to be in one heap of trouble after this'

'Isn't he the guy who gave you such poor grades last term?'


'Maybe you're right Sally, maybe there is justice for all, after