Wednesday, July 25, 2012

final mention of 50

I am not going to jump on to the band wagon (s) critising this book series.
I will admit however to being 50 shades of green over her achievement with (if we are to believe the blogs abounding on this) poor writing, plot and characters.
I am thinking so much is wrong here and yet she is a big sucess.


And then it hit me.

Sounds simple doesn't it?
So I am off to my WIP and get cracking. I am going to ignore editing until I have the story on paper. Then I will worry about polishing it into something people might want to read and even (thunderclap) pay money for.

Check out Ellen Degeneres reading from the novel 50 shades of Grey on this link


  1. I became aware of the "50 Shades" phenomenon about 2 1/2 to 3 months ago after hearing that the trilogy had sold around 10 million copies in 6 weeks.

    My parents are avid readers, and my mother said her middle-aged friends were raving about it. She reads all the cool vampire stuff.

    My dad was shocked that it had done so well. He reads everything besides the vampire stuff.

    I tried to stay opened minded, and will eventually read it. Holding literature on a pedestal works, to an extent, but the phenomena will come. 50 Shades will open the doors to the "next" wave that Twilight had locked down for half a decade. My biggest fear is that I will like it :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment AM. You raise some issues I will have to think about. Cheers