Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello Friday

Well I am feeling much better today about my writing. I have a first (draft) first chapter which has my 'meet cute' in it. (anyone see 'The holiday'? where Kate Winslet meets Eli Wallach and he expains how when the hero meets his girl for the first time in the movie it was called a 'meet cute')
So I am a bit delighted with it. My hero is blonde and gorgeous so for inspiration I am using this photo of the late Heath Ledger.
For my female lead I am using this photo of Megan Fox. I really like her glasses. Really she is a bit too thin for my character but she is doing fine inspiring me to write which this exercise is all about.

I am now ruminating on my next chapter and how I will get my characters to over come their conflict and finally live the happy ever after dream.

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