Thursday, November 17, 2011

Somebody died.

Then somebody else died.

Then somebody else (a man and a woman) tried to hide the bodies.

Tried to float them off in the river.

But they were spotted by somebody else on the opposite bank.

So far we have five characters involved in this ‘in the dark of the night’ scene.

It sounds like a novel doesn’t it?

Like something James Patterson or Stephen King might write.

But its not fiction.

Its very real.

And it happened last Sunday night in the small town of Bandon in West Cork.

The whole community is upset and dismayed that this darkness could come to their town.

The woman involved is said to have psychiatric problems.

The man involved is Romanian and very little is known about him.

One of the victims (27 year old man) had problems as a youth and spent time in prison.

The second victim (English man) very little is known about him either.

The town is in mourning.
So much loss.
So little gain.
It’s all just too sad to think about.

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