Friday, September 16, 2011

Cork International Short Story Festival

For those who are serious about their writing craft:
The Munster Literature Centre is once again running the Frank O'Connor
International Short Story Festival.
It's been renamed the Cork International Short Story Festival.
Any one who is any one in the Cork / Ireland writing scene will be there so
I won't be there.
Not yet. But Soon I will have my day.
(I have to come clean and admit that I am heading to Kerry to cheer on the boys on Sunday against Dublin so I can't be hanging about in Cork)
They are having some very heavy hitters headlining the show.
Colm Tobín (nominated for a Booker prize several times)
Edna O'Brien whose writing was considered radical in the 60's when she
described women's sex lives and the internal workings of their minds.
Some of her books were burned at the time.
Wouldn't you just love that kind of publicity!
It promises to be a very enjoyable event for all.

Check out the festival here
Check out Munster Literature Centre here

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