Monday, September 5, 2011

Sleep! I need sleep.

Hubster and I had a late night Saturday night (unheard of lately)
so we were determined to catch up on our sleep last night.
(because we needed to recover big time)
So got big boy and big girl up to bed at 9.40ish and lights out at 10ish.
I was very pleased with myself.
Then managed to get Hubster up and in to bed for 10.53 (very specific I
know but it was important to be horizontal before 11pm)
So far so successful.
Everyone in bed and lights out .................
Boy child came in to me after lights out to say 'Good night'
He gave me a hug and a kiss. Sweet!
(I am lying on my back in the dark looking up at him towering over me)
and then he lifts up the quilt, hops in and cuddles in beside me!
He's too big my head is screaming - what about catching up on all that
sleep my head is screaming.
Hubster is oblivious - contentedly sleeping on his face taking up the
entire 50% of mattress he is entitled to.
I am now trying to survive on less than 25% because as Boy child sleeps he
Legs go askew. Arms go up and over his head. And he still manages to
burrow in to me.
Hubster is hot, Boy child is hot, I am on fire.Will I get up and go sleep somewhere else?
Boy child's bed is up in the air and I see in my minds eye great chunks of
concrete dislodging from the wall and the bed crashing down if I attempt to sleep there.
The couch is too short really for good sleep and anyway how do you exit a
bed with two big lumps on either side of you.
So I managed to convince my self to stay put and try to sleep.
And I did drift off until some time in the early hours when the alarm on
Boy child's watch went off!
Waking Hubster(something of note) but not Boy child.
I am wide awake again and go through all the original mind whirring of will
I move won't I move ...............
So to cut a long story short I am tired this morning.
What about you?

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