Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They don't need me anymore.

Its a beautiful beautiful morning.
I am sitting at my desk feeling relief and a small bit wobbly.
Both kids are now in secondary.
I am feeling a bit out of sorts over it all.
Girl child (the older) is starting second year which means she now is in
the exam cycle for Junior Cert. Argghh.
How am I supposed to cope with that.
It is just way way too adult for me right now.
Boy child (the younger) started in his secondary this week, Its all boys,
some of them are over 6 foot tall and built for God's sake!
I sound like a perv eyeing up the fresh meat just there - but its my little
precious one I am thinking of, surrounded by all that brawn.
In other circumstances I would be jealous but . . . . . . .

I am finding it increasing difficult to fill this role of parent.
Small kids are fine - feed, clothe, wash, bed or something like that. You
do it for them and then teach them how to do it for themselves.
But now with my preteens almost adults - Its like they really don't need me
I am the one insisting on continuing the charade.
I am the one doing all this extra stuff for them that they really would
prefer to do themselves.
How do I take a step back and let them

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