Saturday, August 20, 2011

What price bliss?

I've been married now for 15 years (pinch! pinch! I am not dreaming it really has been that long). Its important you know that to understand the rest of this blog. Hubster was out of town last night (no big deal he often is) and I managed to get rid of the kids (get them to bed) for 10.40pm which is very good in our house. I am losing that battle.
Any ole ho - the thing is- I was lying in bed earlyish and having the full double bed to myself was just bliss. Imagine lying there in silence sliding my legs out and in like some sort of synchronised swimmer. It was heavenly. I had uninterrupted access to the cool cotton sheets. There no hairy legs to impede my progress. There were no sneaky farts other than my own. No sudden outbursts from his side of the bed about bad driving, crooked politicians dwindling finances. I was alone with my thoughts.
And I was thinking 'I could get used to this!'
Then I thought 'Oops where does that leave us'.
So on that scary note I nodded off to sleep.
In the morning I realised 'who am I kidding'. I couldn't get used to this at all. It just wasn't right - there was an emptiness in the air that I can't describe. I wasn't alone wandering around the kitchen - my son was up and about doing his early morning grunt once for yes and twice for no. BUT. I had no pardner in crime to snicker with. My buddy was missing. My pal. The One (15 years ago he was anyway) Do I mind giving up all that cool cotton space - honestly - a little. But the alternative is .. . . . I don't even want to think about the alternative.

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