Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Pony No Cry

For me any way.
Don't misunderstand - I like horses and ponies.
They are easy on the eye. Some of them are very smart.
But I just don't get it. I don't see the point. They are incredibly expensive.

They need their own house, complete with yard and garden.
They need their feet looked after (pedicure AND manicure)
They have vet bills every year.
Their clothing (saddles and rugs) are all either leather or pure new wool - I don't dress that well.
What's the return? I at least work for a living bringing in a wage which although meagre keeps some of the wolves from the door. So I ask -
'What is the point?'
'Why does my son want a pony so desperately?'
'What will it bring to my family?'

Trouble and strife is what.

Already I feel like a failure. We can't afford it.

Buying one is only the first step.

We don't live in the country so we have no where to put it. I am quite sure the urban council wouldn't allow me to keep it in my front garden. And the animal rights people would frown on me keeping it in the house. Next option is to HIRE space for it somewhere. Actually rent B and B space for it. My feeling - if I am going to spend on B and B it bloody well better be me that's is getting the benefit of it.

Since they were born my kids have been ferried everywhere by me. So if this animal isn't grazing on my lawn, or sleeping in my living room we will have to drive somewhere to feed, it water it, let roam free all before I've even had my brekkie, before school, before work begins for the day? Who's going to convince me to do that? Oh and before you ask 'Yes it will be me doing all the ferrying because their Dad is always too busy, not around or too grumpy so they just don't ask him to do stuff with them unless I push.

His Dad understands the pony thing. He gets the whole I must have a pony. Well then he can bloody well look after it!

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