Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss Communication

Who said the foundation of a good relationship is based on communication?
Was it you down the back staring out the window?
Or you on the edge of your seat looking at the door?
Face this way the lot of you.

I ndde to know this because I don't know and I'd like to know. I find my relationship with the Hubster is based on miscommunication most of the time. And now I have to confess I use it to my advantage ALOT.
It was called a sin of omission if you forgot to tell someone the exact truth or failed to clear up a misunderstanding. And people worried about these things (seriously they did). No on bothers about these things anymore. The Seven deadly sins have been retired. Unless that is they want to invent a villain who goes around killing peole to prove a point. (That point being we are all lazy, gluttonous, vain, selfish, angry, greedy lustful sinners and - murdering us isn't a sin? I am going off point here.
My point is when you said 'I'm just having a bite to eat and then I'm heading back'. I thought you were on your own. Heading back to me. But you weren't alone were you? Oh no. You were not. You were keeping company with your evil woman hating oldest friend. So no not alone and not heading back to me - going to his. So when 3am rolled around and you still hadn't appeared on your side of the bed I rang you. Yes! I commited the ultimate sin. I rang my husband at 3am and said' where are you?' Only you didn't answer so I didn't get the chance. 5 seconds later you ring back. I can hear the sleep in your voice. So now we are both awake and 7 am is only around the corner. I guess we had better work on our communication. As in do more talking. Then maybe just maybe we will both manage to hear what the other is saying.

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