Monday, October 10, 2011

Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge - Create new Monster.

Well - I didn't really create a monster here but its a kind of monstrous idea.

Angel Taker

The lake mirrors the night sky.
The moon is weaving silver light through the trees and brambles.
Leaves are transformed to priceless silver leaf.
Clouds pass concentrating the night in the shadows.
Holly leaves glisten, their thorny carcasses menacing in the twilight.
Standing in a clearing where the grass is covered in dew and glinting, I
can see a beautiful young girl dressed in a white gown.
Her hair is white and flows down her back, purity glows from her pale skin.
Her arms are slender, thin; she is no match for Ali.
He is wearing a black city suit, and his skin is polished ebony. It shines
with strength and health under the moon.
His eyes are pools of black ink. His mouth is parted slightly, he is
breathing in the scent of her.
I see her struggle against him. Her wings flap uselessly as she tries to
free herself from his grip.
He hits her one punishing blow to the side of the head. She goes limp and
falls against him.
Then he scoops her up in to his arms and carries her like a sleeping child
towards the lake.
Her head lolls with each step he takes and the brambles scratch her bare
feet cruelly.
Her beautiful white hair catches on low branches.
I try to scream to wake her but my voice is strangled in my throat.
I am powerless.
All I can do is watch.
He walks to a low bank.
The moon has disappeared behind grey clouds;
she refuses to witness the murder of this angel.
My angel. My guardian angel.

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