Monday, October 24, 2011

Write Something People Want to Read

OK time for a bit of a mental shake up.
I can't expect people to drop by and read any old drivel.
Its got to be something that means something to someone.


Let me think.

I could write about the weather we had over the weekend.
It was shocking bad, high winds, lots of heavy rain, flooding.
But unless I want to expand my expository skill and transplant you to an old house (built pre 1846)
And the goings on of a middle class family in the south of Ireland I'm not going to get anything there.
(One plus was my brother -in-law drove into a flood and had to wade through the flood water to get help -
I know I'm sick, but you have to get your kicks when you can!)
I like the rest of my in-laws but he is unkind to all his family and his mother (my mother-in-law) and I can't forgive that.
She is a lovely woman and doesn't deserve that.
So what do I do?
She won't hear a word against him and I am after all only family through marriage.
Keep schtum!
And hope for the best.

I could write about New Zealand winning the Rugby but that would have me falling asleep.
And there are thousands of sports writers who are paid to do just this.

I could write about Jane Eyre, starring Michael Fassbender.
He is hunky isn't he.
But his character Mr.Rochester is not a sympathetic one.
Also Jane is so silent for much of the movie that I really didn't care one way or another what happened next.
It was a good translation of the novel on to the big screen.
I was glad when the final credits rolled.
Maybe it was the dark brooding house.
It matched too closely my mood and the dark brooding storm we were enduring all Sunday?

I don't know.
All I do know is I am left uninspired.
I want to write something that catches my attention.
Something that somehow entertains you.
Today the well is empty.
The Ink bottle is dry.
My quill is broken.
I will try again tomorrow because not to write is the crime.

And to quote Louise Sorensen who commented on my 'Life Sucks' blog
"If we don't write the stories that live in our heads they will never exist."
Thanks Louise for that gem.

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