Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life sucks.

I read Chuck Wendigs piece on NaNoWriMo.
Did you?
Now I just want to give up.
The stats he laid out before us are pretty stark.
Especially the one about only 0.04% of the people who complete the
NaNoWriMo challenge ever actually getting published.
That's so bleak.

Double Sigh.

But I seem unable to get rid of this urge to tell stories to sheets of
Cause lets face it I've never published anything. Not really. Not for
(Does reading out loud to my own private very small very select group of
writers count?)

The white reams of paper are always so accepting.
So happy to hear what I say.
They rarely send me away with a flea in my ear.
I could just say I write for myself but I know that's not true and rings
I started off doing this because I thought I could make an income as a stay
at home Mom...but that didn't happen.
Because I never finished anything.
There it is in black and white.
I never finished anything. How can you sell a half arsed attempt at
Then I realised I needed help to polish up my craft. So I did a few
classes at the local 'creative writing' place.
Then global meltdown and money for my CW classes seemed a bit frivolous.
Then Chuck stamps all over my head and my heart telling me that even if I
finished something and even if I continued getting tutoring and even if it
was any good chances of getting published are still at 0.04%

life sucks.

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  1. The point on NaNoWriMo is not to get published, it's to spew out 50,000 words... to find out you can do it... and maybe to finish something.
    I'm in the same boat as you; not published, belong to a writing group... entered in Nano. I do not look forward to NaNo... I don't think I'll have time to sit down and write for 30 days, real life has been too invasive lately.
    But this is what i think. We may never get published, but if (I)we don't write the stories that live in our head(s), they will never exist. And that would be worse than never being published.